Look deeply into the work of Daz and what you get is a visual 'core sample' of his world - from the surface to the depths. It is a world where man and technology meet, where they define each other as separate and where they become one in the binary code that instructs and shapes them both; a world inspired by the limitless possibilities created by the interaction of man and technology . Daz is an artist with an inspiring capacity to not only create high definition images of the intangible but also to make manifest his visions without loss of integrity or unnecessary explanation (for to lose the mystery would be to lose the need for independent thought). His perceptions arise and are informed by deep interactions with the natural world, visceral interactions with the physical world and open-minded contemplations on the nature of our spirit within all this.

Each piece is a creative mediation in itself. Daz is not only informed and inspired by his experience of life as a creative technologist and a problem solver, but is also inspired by the world as it is revealed when the constraints of space and time are removed and the fundamental connectivity of everything is laid bare.

Daz's studio space is the digital haven where he can un-tether the bindings of time and space; and where his digital canvas becomes the repository for the flow of inputs that stimulate and respond to both his conscious and subconscious worlds .. pixels on the screen, sound waves in the air, electrical impulses in the brain, fingers on the keyboard and digits in the code. It is his intention that through this process he can share a contemplative arena at another space time co-ordinate with fellow seekers and questioners and perhaps provoke some answers to arise (or at the very least some more good questions!).


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